Friday, November 25, 2011

WiNode - the versatile Wireless Node

WiNode is the latest addition to the Nanode family, and it can be used in several ways to complement the existing family members.

It can be used as a standalone wireless node for sensor and actuator applications - or it can be fitted to an existing Nanode 5 - to provide low power wireless connectivity and other functionality.

Starting at just £12, you get a pcb, the wireless transceiver, a few resistors and connectors to make a wireless shield for either Nanode or Arduino.

With the RF transceiver and SRAM fitted, the WiNode acts as a very low cost RF shield for Nanode - upgrading it's specification to that of Nanode RF.

This RF upgrade path is being offered to all existing Nanode 5 users - for just £12. For those that want to "roll their own" this entry level kit provides the lowest cost route to RF experimentation, and you can always upgrade to a full WiNode by sourcing the other components elsewhere (ATmega, crystal etc).

Here's a partly built up WiNode mounted on top of a standard Nanode - as a backpack or in Arduino parlance - a shield.

WiNode provides the RF transceiver, the 32Kx 8 SRAM - and if fully populated, the real time clock, micro SD socket and the 2A driver IC for motors and relays.

As a standalone node - WiNode makes the perfect partner for the Nanode RF, or an upgraded Nanode 5.

As with all of the Nanode family of products - you can now obtain them online and direct from the manufacturers.

From next week we will have a new website with online store - but in advance here are our product offerings.

Contact us at nanodenanode at gmail dot com - and get your Nanode purchases using Paypal.

Nanode 5 - the original and cheapest! Hurry while stocks last £20.00
Nanode Classic - an updated Nanode 5 - upgradeable to Nanode RF £25.00
Nanode RF - the latest Nanode member with RF transceiver module on board £30.00
Nanode RFX - a fully extended Nanode RF with realtime clock and micro SD card £40.00
WiNode Backpack - a shield for Nanode 5 or Arduino to give it low power RF £12.00
Winode Min - With SRAM and ATmega on board - a standalone node £25.00
Winode Max - a maxxed out Winode with RTC, power drive and micro SD £30.00
USB Adaptor - a customised Nanode programming adaptor for all the above £5.00

All product prices exclude UK postage - but typically £0.75 per board

Discounts available for volume purchases.

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