Saturday, September 17, 2005

The New Extension

Following 6 months of hard work, we very nearly have our new kitchen and bathroom extension completed. Although it's only about 12 square metres, it significantly improves the kitchen and bathroom areas and brings them up to the latest standard of insulation and efficient new gas central heating.

The photo shows the extension from the back, with the new French doors into the kitchen.

The shed on the left has been my workshop for the last 5 years but is shortly going to be moved to a new site further up the garden, and used to house the Lister generator set.

The area behind the house will then be turned into a patio with decking and garden furniture - ready for next summer!

On the left is one of the blue plastic drums that I use to store my waste vegetable oil for the Lister generator.

Why do I have a tumble dryer in my back-garden? Simple, I refuse to have high-wattage electrical appliances in the house!

I have spent a day or so updating my website and transferring it to a new Host. You can see the pictures of the construction work here

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