Sunday, June 20, 2010

A View of Modern China

For the last 4 weeks, I have been working out in southern China, helping out with production of a consumer telecom product.

I was staying in the industrial town of Fu Yong, which is very close to Shenzhen Airport.

During my stay there, I had the opportunity to write a few entries based on my daily observations.

These will now be reproduced in this blog over the next few days.

I have been traveling to southern China since 2000, and have seen the rapid rate of change over the last 10 years. My job takes me onto the factory floor of the modern electronic manufacturers and I spend time working with Chinese workers on the line.

As a design engineer, the move to Globalisation has meant that the products I work on invariably get manufactured in China. So in ten years, I have nurtured five products through the initial stages of manufacturing, solving design problems, testing for faults and generally ensuring that production goes as smoothly as possible.

Language is often a problem, but I have been lucky that I have generally been accompanied by an English speaking local engineer.

Life in 21st Century China is basic, but fascinating - as I hope the next few posts will illustrate.

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