Thursday, April 07, 2011

Pachube Internet of Things Hackathon - Final Preparation

With less than 20 hours before the Pachube IoT Hackathon begins, I am starting to get stuff ready to take.

I've been asked to do a presentation about the Nanode, for 3 minutes, and also run a 1 hour "surgery".

I've emailed the presentation to the groups in Lancaster, NYC, Eindhoven and Zurich - with Seoul and Linz still to do.

I'm bringing 4 of the prototype Nanodes, plus the original breadboarded unit. In addition an Arduino plus ethernet shield which will emulate the Nanode.

There are already six Nanodes out in the wide world, given to friends and colleagues who are beta testing them, or have contributed to the project.

We already have on Nanode which is monitoring electricity usage in a house in North Wales and putting this up to this Pachube Feed

The plan is to distribute 4 Nanodes to the teams at the London Hackathon, sit back, relax and let them dream up some really good apps.

I'm bringing a few RGB lamps which we can use as ambient orb displays, plus a servo-pointer-thingy which makes a good large scale analogue meter. I also home to have some big LED 5x7 matrix displays which we can hack in some shape or form.

Nanode has consumed most of my free time of the last 3 weeks - so it will be good to let others take the lead.

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