Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nanode 5 - The Heat is On

The last week has been a fever-pitch of activity getting the Nanode pcb ready for volume production.

With at least 80 pcbs having been pre-sold to friends, associates and members of the London Hackspace, it looks like we will have to prepare for a somewhat larger batch.

Nanode is entirely open source, so anyone can take the zipped gerber files from Thingiverse and have a board or a small batch of boards made up by a pcb fabrication company. Alternatively if you start with the Nanode schematic, you can modify it to produce your own custom variant and re-purpose that for some alternative application. provided that all Nanode derivatives remain in the public domain, the spirit of Open Hardware is not breached.

Nanode 5 follows on from Nanode 2j, just 5 weeks later. In this time we have added a lot more functionality and hope that we have made a product that will address most peoples needs. Addition of a unique MAC ID, a serial memory device and a simple interface to a low cost wireless transceiver will greatly extend the capability of the original design.

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