Monday, April 10, 2006

My Butt Overfloweth!

Monday 7am - woke to bright sunshine, and clear skies, despite last night's snow. A friend in Yorkshire tipped me off at about 11pm that it was snowing up there, and within an hour the flakes were falling in Surrey.

At 9:30pm I had ventured out to check up on the level in the rainwater butt, and to my amazement it was full to the level of the overflow, having been half full just 3 hours earlier. I quickly brought over the first of the blue plastic barrels and connected the overflow pipe to this.

This morning I went to check the level, and once again, I was gob-smacked to see that it had filled the 208 litre barrel in less than 10 hours. So in under 12 hours I had collected over 350 litres of rain water from only half of my roof area.

I now need to get the 12V pump working so that I can transfer it from the collection barrel into some more permanent storage barrels.


NiC said...

Storage vessels are going to be the killer here aren't they? Let us know (I'm sure you will) if you come across a cheap bulk water storage solution.

carl said...

That's brilliant - If only we all harvested as much rain water and made use of it.