Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shed Power II

The few days off over Easter allowed me to make some serious progress with my veg-oil fuelled generator set.

My friend Paul and I cleared out the old shed of all the junk and set up the Lister generator alongside the large cabinet that contains the 5kW inverter and battery bank.

Tonight, in fading light, I got the fixing holes drilled in the concrete shed base, to hold down the otherwise lively Lister-gen. I purchased 10mm expanding anchor bolts and a 16mm concrete drilling bit especially for the job - but it still took a lot of time and effort to drill the 4 holes in the concrete.

I have now had the engine running and making real electricity - and boy is it loud with that un-silenced exhaust. I need to make up an exhaust, or recycle an old car silencer.

The poor shed is somewhat falling apart - it is nearly 50 years old. I propose building a new concrete foundation around the existing floor slab, and making a base for straw bale acoustic and thermally clad walls.

Other outstanding jobs include the vegetable oil fuel heater, the cooling system and connnecting up the batteries and inverter to the output of the generator.

More pictures on my website

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squire said...

The "Lister" is another example of the older stuff that was designed right. Nice to see the od guy put in use and not just a vintage display.