Wednesday, November 09, 2011

It's New - and It's Blue - The New Nanode RF

First example of Nanode RF - built up in Shenzhen, China, by Toby Yu. 13/11/2011. Some boards will be part assembled like this in China, in a small workshop, bringing employment to 4 engineers. These boards will be sold locally and also exported to the western countries.

In readiness for sales commencing in early December - here's the new Nanode RF pcb - hot off the line - manufactured in China.

As you can see - we are entering a blue phase. The board is immediately identifiable with the large footprint in the bottom left hand corner to accept the wireless RFM12B module, and the H logo is now perforated with an 8 pin DIL socket - to accept the new plug in expansion SRAM.

Other than that, changes are few :-

1. Additional green LED indicator
2. Three extra resistors
3. Extra 3V3 regulator
4. mini USB socket for powering

On the underside of the pcb there are a few extra features:-

1. The footprint for the micros SD card - on the bottom right hand edge.
2. A 8 pin soic footprint to take another memory device (SRAM, FRAM, Flash) as an alternative to the micro SD card.
3. A real time clock and calendar chip, with accompanying super-capacitor and 32kHz crystal - underneath the ATmega328.


Mikey said...

The PCB looks very smart in blue! I am desperate to get my hands on a couple of the Nanode RF kits. Any idea when/where I can get hold of them in the UK?

Donal Morrissey said...

Hear, hear! How can we get our hands on one in the UK?

Ken Boak said...


Contact us at

We generally receive payment by Paypal at that email address

Nanode Classic Kit £25.00
Nanode RF Kit £30.00
Nanode RFX - ready built & tested £40.00

Please add 75p postage for each board ordered.

We will next be shipping on Wednesday 28th December

Happy Christmas