Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Weekend of WiNode

Another busy weekend of kitting and photographing WiNode in readiness for a public launch in December.

WiNode is essentially an Arduino compatible, low power wireless node, with applications in wireless remote sensing and actuation.

Winode is compatible with Arduino shields, so you could add a Nokia 3310 LCD shield and make a compact wireless graphical display.

In addition to the RF module - a Hope RF RFM12B, WiNode also comes with an industry standard 8 pin footprint real time clock, a dual H-bridge for driving motors and relays at up to 2A and a 32K SRAM for extended data storage. A micro SD card socket turns WiNode into a low cost wireless datalogger.

We have now made up the first 20 WiNode kits - and these are being offered on a first come - first served basis over the next few days. As they are a brand new product - we are offering an incentive of a free real time clock OR motor drive option for the first 20 kits. Later into December we will be kitting a batch of about 150 WiNodes - so there will be volume available well before Christmas.

WiNode can be used as a shield for either Nanode or Arduino. In this configuration we provide a minimum kit of parts which allows RF connectivity to be added to Nanode or Arduino.

From next week we will have a new website with online store - but in advance here are our product offerings.

Contact us at nanodenanode at gmail dot com - and get your Nanode purchases using Paypal.

Nanode 5 - the original and cheapest! Hurry while stocks last £20.00

Nanode Classic - an updated Nanode 5 - upgradeable to Nanode RF £25.00

Nanode RF - the latest Nanode offering with RF transceiver module on board £30.00

Nanode RFX - a fully extended Nanode RF with realtime clock and micro SD card £40.00

WiNode Backpack - a shield for Nanode 5 or Arduino to give it low power RF £12.00

Winode Min - With SRAM and ATmega on board - a standalone node £25.00

Winode Max - a maxxed out Winode with RTC, motor driver and micro SD £30.00

USB Adaptor - a customised Nanode programming adaptor for all the above £5.00

All product prices exclude UK postage - typically £0.75 per pcb. For EU convert these prices at £1 = 1.175 euros and please add 2.50 euros for airmail postage.

Discounts available for volume purchases.


fatmi said...

That is a an effective work of Arduino , how much does it cost for you exactly?.

Ken Boak said...


Visit our shop at - all our products on sale.