Saturday, December 03, 2011

Testing Nanode RF - 4 simple test sketches

Nanode RF should be tested in simple steps.

Before you fit the RFM12B module and Magjack, fit the ATmega328 and the 74HCT125 ICs and apply power via the programming cable.

The red led should wink at approximately 1 second intervals.

Ian Chilton has subsequently made these test sketches available on Github - because code does not travel well in these blogs - getting corrupted by the formatting codes.

Now cut and paste the following italicised code into a new sketch and check that you can load it. On reset the Red and Green LEDs will flash alternately. This Blinky sketch shows that the ATmega is running and that the upload process is working.

Include below are the LED test, the RF send test, the RF receive test and the Realtime Clock test.

The RFM12 module and 82mm antenna should be soldered in place after you have run the LED test. Make sure you fit the 74HCT125 - because the /INT line from the wireless module passes through this buffer.

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