Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Applications for the Nanode

Having now built up the first pair of Nanode boards it's time to test them out and then start to develop applications.

The first thing on the list is to test the basic ethernet connection, and ensure that the boards can communcate with Pachube, which I am using as a brokerage service to broker messages and data between Nanodes.
As described in a prevous post, one Nanode will publish data up to a Pachube feed, and the other Nanode will subscribe to that feed at regular intervals, and print out the data to the serial port.
Here are the two boards each connected to a network port. The orange and brown wires between the boards is so that they can share the 5V power from the FTDI cable.

The upper board is the Publisher (Putter) and the lower board is the Subscriber (Getter). Every few seconds the Putter sends a new packet of data up to Pachube feed 8729, and at regular intervals the Getter subscribes to this feed to retrieve the data. In this case the data is a simple comma separated list of 6 arguments, which could be six readings from the ADCs on the Putter device, or a numerical command to which the Getter will respond.

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried posting and getting your data through ? From my experience there's a lot more you can do than on Pacube