Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nanode - It's a Bit Small Isn't It?

Here's the first of the prototype Nanodes built up, tested and working. The Nanode can be used with a variety of Arduino shields, but you may have to use extended stackable headers like these from Cool Components to give extra clearance between the shield and the Magjack. Using the local serial bus, it is possible to connect Nanodes together using 4 way telephone cable in a Master/Slave Network. It is likely that the Master device will be the one with the internet connection, and the slaves are used for specialist tasks such as pulse counting, electricity monitoring, controlling relays, measuring temperatures etc. In this case, you might wish to create a simple user interface on the Master device, possibly by fitting a display, such as the NuElectronics Nokia 3310 shield as shown below.

Nanode - Just Make It!

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Trystan Lea said...

Fantastic Ken, Im really looking forward to trying it out. Having such an affordable base for web connected sensing is going to be really helpfull. It would be great to use this as the base for the home energy monitoring system we're working on.