Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nanode 5 - Just Make It!

Nanode is a very low cost internet connected microcontroller board - compatible with the Arduino programming environment. It allows applications for internet remote monitoring and control to be developed on a familiar low cost platform, such as web servers and clients or for data exchange and control using services such as Pachube.

You can keep updated on the Nanode Project at the official website and also on the Hackerspaces Wiki.

The EagleCAD schematic and board file have been uploaded to my Thingiverse account. Here's how to build a Nanode - takes about 90 minutes.

Follow the Pictorial Guide on the London Hackspace Wiki for full instruction of the Build Sequence.


Tim Bo said...

So how do we order one?! Hungry hackers deep in the Alps of Austria need Nanodes!


Ken Boak said...


See here for the latest.

Direct message me @monsonite on Twitter for details of how to get a kit.

Now with DHCP and bitlash


steve said...

Maybe I'm being slow (sorry!) but are the Eagle files for the current PCB design available? I can only find the older ones on Thingyverse.

Ken Boak said...


The PCB files for Nanode version 5 are here



Arunas Survila said...

Can I order printed circuit board only without any additional components?